Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Most Unforgettable Teacher: When English is not just a Language

Intelligent. . .Gorgeous. . .Enthusiastic. . . Though there is a cornucopia of things that describes the most unforgettable teacher I have ever had so far, these are the words that can accurately illustrate her. It was June 2007 when I first encountered her in class. I was in third year high schoolboy that time. In the years prior to that, I have been hearing the legacy of the teacher that I am referring to. She was most loved and adored by her students, but also known for her complicated tasks for them. So when she first comes into the room, I was full of anticipation and anxiety for the forth coming months with her as my teacher in English. But all of those things in my mind altered when she finally take over the class. I have said to myself, “Oh! This is going to be an exciting and wonderful school year for me.”

From the moment she started speaking, I became too indulged in what she was saying. It seems that I am always part of her expressed thoughts. Jaws drops as she delivers her lesson. Minds set focused on her by the time she stand in front of the class. Ears hear no one but her when she starts to say a thing. Eyes get fixed to her graceful movements as she lingers around the classroom. Thus, I admire every inch of her.

Our class learned a lot of things in a particular topic taken and beyond it. When she tackles a lesson, we get more than that. She always throws funny lines that are always successful in making the class burst into tears of laughter. She even tells stories of her life or experiences that instill not only knowledge but moral message for us. She was always sympathetic and understanding with respect to our personal concerns. Enjoying her class, I became too motivated to exert a lot of effort to accomplish her tasks for us. I remembered how I struggled to finish series of compilations in the midst of financial constraints that I am facing that time. Even if it cost a lot of money, it doesn’t matter as long that I complied with her requisites. Well, it was worth it.

Everyday, she has an inspiring story and quotations for us. From her stories, I presume that she has worked hard for everything she has been garnering in life. She was our school paper adviser and Journalism trainer, so I was urged to join them. She has achieved a lot of recognition and praises. I really adore her. She is the reason why I decide to take my educational path to became a teacher like her. I like her style of teaching for we absorbed all her lessons. She never loses the enthusiasm and wit she has been known of. I even looked forward only to her class, though not disregarding other subjects that I have. No one can blame me for doing so.

I can never forget her periodic tongue twister, exciting group tasks and spelling tests. These are the things that I always miss when I remember my high school days. I miss how I laugh aloud each day and how I learned something new and significant. I am longing to experience her short quizzes which are actually long ones again. I am even longing to feel the excitement during spelling tests, how we end up laughing the rest of the period. She has taught us the English language – grammar, composition and history but we have learned not only that. She made English class not just a requisite subject but the mitochondria of the four concerned room as well as source of hope and motivation more than knowledge.

By: Joshua M. Repomanta
UP-Diliman Student


zionne said...

This was an on the spot work of my high school clasmmate who's now taking education in University of the Philippines in Diliman.

Thanks to him for letting me post his work. This is the first article of the PLAYFOOL MIND.

cali :-)) said...

are you a former student of NFHS?
you have a nice piece for a nice person..good!

cali :-)) said...

are you a former student of NFHS?
you have a nice piece for a nice person..good!

yhukee minoru (alvin) santos said...

how nice ' i really LIKE this. 2 thumbs up :)

superjanna said...

very nice .. ^^